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  • Symons Steel Ply: approximate inventory: 250,000 sqft

    Desuta has a very large inventory of Symons forms always available for rent. Stocking a complete line of all sizes and hardware, we have everything related to Symons all stocked at both of our Portersville facilities. This includes specialty rental hardware, a complete inventory of loop ties, flat ties and other forming hardware. Most of the fleet is faced with our premium Russian Birch plywood which allows for a better finish and rigidity than HDO softwoods.
  • Ulma Megalite: approximate inventory: 50,000 sqft

    Desuta has a working inventory of Ulma Megalite always available for rent for any mid-to-large sized project. This handset clamp form system is designed to be readily “ganged” into large panels for swift repetition. We stock all the sizes of fillers and related hardware for the system. On more intricate details we will combine the Ulmas with Symons forms as they are directly compatible, providing greater flexibility at a lower cost.
  • Rasto Gang Clamp Form System: approximate inventory: 65,000 sqft

    Desuta has taken the Rasto Hunnebeck system and has customized it to serve as a viable Gang Form system that has greatly benefited our customers. We have a large inventory of the “Giant” panel 240cm x 270cm panels (8’x9’), which demonstrates superior quality in design by only having 4 ties per panel, yet weighing only 650 pounds! To further enhance the quality of our solution, the Giant panels are also faced with Alkus form facing. This give the Giant panel additional strength and leaves an excellent finish that’s unmatched from traditional panels. Through thoughtful investment and engineering, we have made even more improvements of the system. These include: hammer style wedge clamps, various lengths steel walers, along with a redesign of the inside corner, among other improvements. We have used this system on a variety of mid-sized to large projects including tall walls with self-consolidating concrete.
  • 10K Hi-load Shoring with Aluminum Beams: approximate inventory: hundreds of frames, thousands of LF of aluminum

    We are fully stocked with 10K Hi-load Shoring to supplement any project. We have frames in all sizes in both 2’ and 4’ wide and a fleet of aluminum stringers, and beams with a fleet of W8x10 steel beams. We also stock thousands of post shores of various sizes for use with shoring and reshoring projects.

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